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Custom Renovation Designs
Utilizing state-of-the-art Computerized Architectural Drawing software, we can take your ideas and bring them to life on paper. Don't settle for a blueprint from a developer when you can utilize our tools and see what your renovation project will look like when it's done!
Handcrafted Kitchen Renovations Ever dreamed of having a kitchen remodeled like the ones you've seen on HGTV? Powderhorn Woodworks can work with you to turn that dream into a reality on a budget you can feel comfortable with.
Custom Fireplace Mantels Do you have a drab,dull looking fireplace area in your living room? Do you have a entertainment center stocked full of equipment that values functionality over form?
Why not let Powderhorn Woodworks design a fireplace mantel solution for you that can incorporate your entertainment center with your fireplace?

Powderhorn Woodworks

Powderhorn Woodworks, located in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, started as a small company with one goal: to provide high quality, custom crafted wood products at an affordable price for the residential and commercial customer. Mike Juno, co-owner and president of Powderhorn Woodworks, strives not only to produce high quality wood products but give customers a level of customization that is rarely offered by other woodworkers. We still have stayed true to this goal and bring to you the same professional quality products that we set out to do when we started out a decade ago.

Powderhorn Woodworks uses quality hardwood and plywood to provide high-quality, long lasting products such as custom built furniture and cabinets that look stunning and will stand the test of time. From simple desks and armoires to entire kitchen cabinets and laminate counter tops, no project is out of our scope. We work on the job from design to finishing allowing for customization at every step of the process.